Quality of MEDIACITRUS advertising

Monetization of the developed mobile application is one of the key tasks of the publisher. Professional team of Mediacitrus will provide you with comprehensive support in managing the process of getting profit from advertising, while ensuring reliable protection of users of mobile applications from contact with low-quality advertising.

Experience of Mediacitrus in the field of application of advertising technology at the moment has exceeded ten years. We have enough reasons to guarantee our partners absolute security in the process of monetizing applications. By entrusting this side of the work to specialists, our partners get the opportunity to concentrate their efforts on more important issues, for example, on improving the user interface of the application. You will no longer have to independently protect your users from low-quality and harmful advertisements.

Blocking Ad Quality Threats

Insufficient quality and fraudulent advertising harms the reputation of the application due to the fact that it interferes with the user in the process of working with the application. The ad quality team of Mediacitrus will provide the appropriate level of protection for the user through the use of a specially developed mechanism to detect fraud on mobile devices.

Mediacitrus will save your audience from a large number of common threats, which include phishing, the spread of malicious programs, the publication of content that is offensive, and also the automatic redirection. Currently, over 30% of advertising is blocked on the Mediacitrus exchange.

Ensuring Ad Quality

Mediacitrus uses a combination of security measures aimed at ensuring the necessary quality of advertising materials to protect the transparency of our marketplace. These measures include the constant tracking of advertising, mandatory inspection of all customers and the introduction of the most stringent content rules.

24/7 Monitoring
The Ad Quality team of Mediacitrus uses powerful tools to monitor the marketplace in any time zone, stopping the delivery of low-quality advertising to the users of applications.
Buyer Verification
We improve the quality of our services, improving the process of customer verification, comparing the tariffs and finding the best demand for the supply of our partners.
Real-time Scanning
We provide publishers with the opportunity to use a secure marketplace through the use of a specially developed technology for the quality of advertising, as well as combining internal and partner quality technologies.
SDK Blocking Features
The first line of protection against fraud in mobile advertising is the SDK from Mediacitrus, which can block automatic redirection and pop-ups.
Content Guidelines
Demand partners are required to comply with a whole set of content rules, which ensures that only high-quality advertisements are shown in our customers' applications.
Research & Improvement
Mediacitrus collects information from its platform and analytics provided by advertising experts, that helps us improving advertising quality regulations for demand partners.

Technology Partners

Mediacitrus cooperates with leading companies, that allows us to ensure the proper level of standards our company applies to the quality of ad units. Due to this, unwanted advertising is blocked on the Mediacitrus exchange.

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