Presenting MDX The MEDIACITRUS Demand Platform

Progressive Optimization of Traffic



Improve performance with a solid set of tools applied for traffic targeting
Press the position lever and adjust the QPS to get only the most appropriate traffic
Adjust performance in real time for better inventory

The MEDIACITRUS Demand Platform (MDX) supplies demand partners with an impressive set of tools for targeting the necessary they need. This is a free marketplace for buyers, created to help them to exclude mobile advertising spend waste. MDX provides with real-time optimizing of campaigns supported by query per second (QPS) targeting and corresponding analytics.

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MDX is fitted with Mediacitrus strong new data visualization tools. The analytics contained in the reports provided by Mediacitrus give the possibility to manage the demand partners while optimizing the traffic they are receiving - increasing the cost of mobile advertising through marketing campaigns.
By means of using MDX demand partners can absolutely transparently access detailed analytics of the campaigns. We've simplified filtering by advertisement specifications (for example, advertisement size, advertisement type or application denomination), the demographic data of the user and the tracking data of the devise. With us, you will not be in the dark about the performance of your campaign any longer!
Successful Partners
Important customers gained better results in managing mobile advertising resources through the Mediacitrus Demand Platform (MDX). Leading mobile and inter-channel software advertising platforms of global importance note the fact that advertising has evidently become better and the conversion rate has increased.
After using the QPS targeting tools, the world's leading advertising platforms saw more significant mobile traffic, which, on average, resulted in a 20 percent increase in spending on mobile advertisements per month.
"A solution similar to MDX by MEDIACITRUS simply is not present on the market that is why MDX becomes a go-to platform widely used to optimize mobile ad campaigns."

Are you prepared the for application or mobile website monetization?

MEDIACITRUS has already become a reliable partner for over 90,000 application developers and publishers

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