Banner Ads is the strong implement to earn more money

There are many resources teaching and explaining the importance and use of banner ads. But the subject matter is often described from designer or marketer. Thus, you can learn a lot which colors should be used, when it should be shown and so on.

But now it is high time to put things right and before we start discussing other staff related, we should check if we stand on one ground and clearly realize what “banner advertising” really means.

What is hidden under banners ads?

According to Wikipedia it is a graphic image of advertising type, used to attract the client, to make brand awareness or make positive impression about the company.

Main function for banner - when it is clicked to redirect the user to an advertiser’s page that was written in html. As we have a lot of business in the Internet nowadays banners can play great importance for the companies.

The role of banner ads.

What banners should obligatory do is to increase necessary traffic to your website. In which situations banners can be useful for us:

Get more traffic. Banner should do nothing, but provoke to click to get into the page you need. There are various methods for such ads being paid (spent time, CTR,CTM), but it’s a bit another type of story. Selling goods or services. In this case your banner should advertise what you offer for people to wish to learn more. It is important for the banner to be posted at the website of the same area to be relevant. Cut through the clutter of competitors. Read what specific can be applied in your banner to be different from others and catch an eye.

Tell you have big sales and discounts. It is evident when a black friday was announced, but you can inform and invite even more people with banner ads.

What are the secrets for banner advertising to work on you efficiently?

  • 1. Mind the size. Standard ones like 336×280px or 728×90px. You can read Google Adsense for more information about sizes.
  • 2. Choose the right place. The best effect usually earn banners located near to main content or above the fold.
  • 3. You banner should contain the company’s name, what you offer and call to action. Last one is usually introduced by the buttons like “Learn more”, “Buy with a discount” etc.
  • 4. Don’t make too much noise about it. The simpler it is, the better.
  • 5. Make your buttons different from the content.
  • 6. We recommend to use frames, especially if your banner is white for people to find subject matter inside of it.
  • 7. It is good idea to use different sizes for the body and headline of in your banner. Four lines should be enough to put all necessary information.
  • 8. Animation in banner ads it’s perfect. But remember to use them wisely, so that they don’t distract from your message.
  • 9. It is only half of the job for the banner to be placed on the related website, but there should be something standing out, for people to see and click on it.
  • 10. Check whether the information on your banner is the same with the redirected page (offer, brand, goods etc). Otherwise, people will get confused and skip.
  • 11. Add some urgency to your ad for people to desire to click it immediately.
  • 12. Photos and other graphics should be used to intensify your banner ad. We suppose, you know it should be of the same topic with your advertising.
  • 13. Your potential clients first see and after read your ad. So, the colors should be in coherence with your text and offer in whole.
  • 14. Make your ad of a small size to be downloaded quicker not to be scrolled immediately, but given a chance.
  • 15. Keep your ads in JPG, PNG or HTML5 formats.

How can we understand that banner ads are effective?

Banner advertising as well as other sort of ads is easy to track effectivity. The key factor used for this one is CTR.


That is the formula:

% CTR = Users who clicked the banner / impressions.

It means that if your have 5% of CTR, so there were five clicks for one 100 of impressions. The bigger the digit is the more effective is your banner.

Banner ads are not so expensive now, but they can help you a lot to bring new people to you especially if you just start your business. We wish you to have more new clients!

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