CPM Ads and how to earn from CPM ads strategy

Thousands of websites are created on a daily basis and earning on CPC becomes more and more difficult. Obviously, you have to connect various sources for earning. So, in this article we are going to discuss how you can earn from CPM ads strategy.

Let’s have some revision first of all, just for everybody to understand what we are talking about.

What is CPM ads?

CPM - is a cost for 1.000 impressions.

The formula is as follows:

CPM = cost of your campaign / total number of impressions x 1.000

For example, the advertiser gives you 20$ for each thousand of impressions. You were lucky and the ad has reached 200.000 of views this month. So, your income here is 4.000$.

Easy to guess this method will be the best if you need to show your cpm ads to the audience as big as possible, i.e. to launch big sales, to make the brand familiar to people and others. So, the place for publishing the ad should be popular with huge traffic.

So, let’s finish with the theory here.

What are the most profitable CPM advertising networks in 2018-2019?

The variety of ad networks nowadays is extremely huge, each of them has its own peculiarities, but we are going to cover those who are top of the iceberg.


It is a company of a global level. Among their clients such giants like Forbes, Yahoo and MSN. The company does deserve being trusted, they are very strict about publisher’s content (it is a must to have it original) and the laws covering intellectual property are also implemented in their activity.

Conversant Media

the company produces high level of works, it can be said they are in one line with a previous company in our review and AdSense. They can offer various type of advertising, however their main specialization is mobile and app ads. The only troubles are that they are only English website oriented and posting some kind of spam ads is not a big problem there.


The company can be named as the first and oldest CPM ad network. Their work is of really high quality and it is main advantage among the competitors in the industry. However, keep in mind that their requirements to the website and unique users are of high standard.


Monetization here is available both for desktop and mobile publishers. The platform is very huge and a wide range of advertising is offered.


The network will suit to medium or small size publishers. The platform will help out when other platforms gave rejection. Undoubtedly, UberCPM can be said as the most generous one, as it is ready to share up to 80% of the income they have.

Google Adsense

There is no need to say a lot about high performance of the platform, but at the same it can be compensated by difficulty to get the account approval, the obedience to the rules and guideline must be of the first water. Minimum payout is near 100$ that may be also not very convenient sometimes.


It is a platform equipped with content recommendation that has grown significantly since moment of foundation in 2013. They are ready to work with the websites of high quality with big traffic, not less than 50.000 monthly. Their requirements are very high, normal rate of acceptance is not more than 10%.


This ad CPM network has become popular for its bidding platform. On a specially designed platform is organised an auction for the advertisers, according to its results the publisher is chosen. The salt is that this action happens in real time. The websites in English with major British, Canadian and American traffics are most likely to be accepted.


This cpm ads network deserves being mentioned for having free advertising tools, for example, InFrame or InScreen - and some more to use the space on the website more wisely. They cooperate with Ebay, Facebook and some other big companies. Absence of minimum level traffic requirement is one more sufficient bonus in the network.

We hope the information was useful for you and do not pretend having the ultimate truth. Write us about the CPM ad network you prefer and why.

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