DISPLAY AD is a type of advertising aimed to attract the potential customers.

Nowadays we are so addicted to technologies thus we can’t live a day without using computers or smartphones. As a result, a lot of people have developed a habbit to be blind to advertising. In this article we are going to discuss how to make your display ads the highest effective.

First of all, what is a Display Ad?

It is a type of advertising aimed to attract the potential customers’ attention by eye-catching content like videos, images, text etc. It used to be in paid mass media from the very beginning, but as the technologies are growing, it is a part of seo on the Internet.

Visualization helps display ads to be easier to understand and less time-consuming for a person. It is very convenient to use this type of ads as it stucks in a man’s mind even if it was just a look given. That is the effect the advertisers tend to reach when they launch a new advertising campaign.


  • you can get results in a short time;
  • easy way to introduce a new brand;
  • improve the goods or services awareness;
  • lower costs in terms of one contact;
  • the audience you can cover is enormous;
  • the results are easy to estimate.


  • wrong targeting will result in low effectivity;
  • posting on top or popular websites may cost you a fortune;
  • you will lose a great part of audience as a lot of them use adblock programms;
  • there should be somebody who will make videos, banners or other staff for you - it is
  • also an item of cost.

Types of Display Ads


It is the most ancient and popular way of advertising. They are static, animated or dynamic blocks. Their aim is to make you interested in the goods and next click on the ad to study the offer more in detail.

Text and graphic blocks

They are similar to banners, but here we can see a combination of a text and an image. The latter one is necessary to reveal the subject matter, while the text serves for a headline, description and url.


This type of ads is very popular due to greater interests in video hostings like YouTube. An ad can be put before watching the video, in the middle or it video ad can be played in the bottom part of the screen while watching main video.


It is the most expensive way of advertising. High price can be explained that a whole website, page or a particular area is designed in the style of a brand advertised. In this case we can count on high CTR and brand awareness.

This type of advertising is better to use for grand events, like total sales, big promotions, introducing new brands and so on.

How to organize profitable display advertising?

We know you to show all the features why you are cooler than your competitors, but let’s not do it. Sometimes less is better and that is the case. Overwhelmed by details, pictures, graphics the user may just skip your ad.

Make experiments. In the wide range of ad forms you will definitely find something for you. But make it in the same style with your company, so that people could associate your ad with you at once.


Find a balance not to be interrupted. During HubSub survey the respondents confessed they feel pop-ups and junk emails less nerve-racking, rather than video ads starting automatically.

Tell what you want. People don’t like when the ads make them run about the bush. Add call to action to show what they need to do.

Instead of conclusion

The most confusing thing for marketers when they deal with display advertising is a low level of CTR, near 0,07-0,08. But it is a world normal marker, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Good news is that the amount of advertisements is constantly growing and if you have a clear goal and attractive ads, you will track the results and return on investments in the short period of time.

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