Mobile ads with Mediacitrus. Types of ads can be used for mobiles?

Nowadays we cannot imagine our daily life without a smartphone, we get stuck in it on way to work or in a line in the hypermarket. Let’s take the population of the United States, it was counted that over 78% (250 billion people) have a mobile phone. Just think, people take on a daily basis their personal device that can be also used for advertising.

So, what types of ads can be used for mobiles?


It is the oldest type of advertising that came to mobile devices from desktops. Banner normally doesn’t have text, it’s more likely to be an image. They are designed to attract readers’ attention to a certain product or company and to lead away to the advertisers website or app.

Main conditions for banners are: less text, more qualified graphic and a call to action. There is nothing you should do, only wait when people click and come. Main problem is that people become “blind” about banners, however in China it still works according to Statista research.

Banners are one of the cheapest means of advertising and they still can work on you.

Native Ads

They have a lot in common with banners, but main difference is that native ads are constructed this way not to look like an ad at all. With the naked eye they can be treated like a part of the page. Adblock programs cannot detect them and this, to our mind, is a questionable advantage.

Interstitial ads or advertising breaks

Everybody have seen interstitials if played a game on a mobile phone: it is a common case for them to appear when you are about to start a new level. They are full-screened, bright and involving, thus they are more profitable and have high CTR.

The only condition to use interstitials: never let them interrupt the user while he is in the game, put it only between the levels. Don’t make your users irritated at the time of gameplay.

Video advertising

This type of ads seems to be the most interesting for advertisers, as they have spent more than 4,5$ billion on it in 2017 and the amount is expected to be 2-3 times higher for 2019.

The users are more loyal to videos, as treat them less distracting.

Video will be successful if:

  • - it is simple and elegant;
  • - doesn’t have irritating sounds and images;
  • - a piece of creativity is applied to be different from the competitors.

Videos for rewards

It is unskippable ad which main difference from a previous one - the user certainly gets some reward for watching. If a user is encouraged to have a new experience or game features he will pay to you with a good retention rate.

Obviously, except creativity, these videos should be put at their place. As all your efforts will be definitely ruined if you would like to show your ads at the crucial moment of a gameplay when the user is seeking for game solution.

Voice Ads

It’s not so highly common method of advertising, just a few of it can be seen in the Internet. But think of Siri, we have already started talking to our mobiles and the web, why not to use it for advertising?

Why mobile ads are things of the future?

A lot of purchases, orders and similar staff were made from mobiles, its number prevail on those from Pcs. People find it more convenient as such tasks can be implemented into their regular activities and everything can be done on the go. Social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and others can be a good place for your ads.

But before making any actions we recommended to analyze a bit and find out who is you target audience, what are your goals and how much many you are ready to spend. However, the latter one is not paramount pictures as ad platforms are so multi optional to satisfy various goals and capabilities.

Are you prepared the for application or mobile website monetization?

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