Native Ad network is the strong implement to earn more money

What do you usually do when you first launch a new browser? Recent studies have shown that over 60% of users add various ad blocks extensions and their number is constantly growing. It can be said the ads are becoming more annoying and people seek ways to get rid of it.

It is a first shot for an advertiser that it is high time to change the politics and make the ads less aggravating and more synchronized with the web content. That is the place where native starts working.

General idea of native ads to be less like an ad. A perfect example of it is the section “Articles that may also interest you” and of the same type. They are normally placed at the end of the page and quite likely paid by the sponsors of the similar to your text topics.

As a lot of people spend most of their time in the Internet and, in social networks, in particular. It is obvious that a great amount of native ads will be there, logically Facebook has a leading position in online advertising.

Why native advertising is more gainful rather than traditional banners?

  • Main advantage is in the very idea of natives. They don’t look like ads and it can be said they serve like a decoration and add relevant topics to your interests.
  • As the user gets less cross the advertisers successfully use it for brands awareness. People don’t see any promotions, but a nice content. However, when they see the brand somewhere at the street, for example, they will be more loyal to it.
  • Native ad is fully adjusted to the style of the website and looks like a part of a material. Thus it is a good way to bypass the security and show your content to more people.
  • CTR for native ads is higher rather than for traditional banner ads. People are more open to native ads and share them with friends or family 3 times more often rather than traditional banners.

Who makes the top of native ads platforms?


They can help to monetize email, web and mobile traffic. The advertisers are given a redirect smart link to be posted as general redirecting one for leading to more specific and relevant page. Due to presence of geo-target option your income can be easily increased.

2 Taboola

Offers various types of content, it may be video, news, blogs or goods - whatsoever that may seem interesting to the users. The content is defined by implementing the techniques of machine learning. The companies boasts they have over a billion of unique users.

3 Outbrain

It is a company of a high level. They offer content on the basis of users’ behaviour and interests. Such giants as Toyota, Men’s Health, the Guardian and some others can be named as the clients of a the platform and it seems to be the best recommendation of their business.

4 Yahoo Gemini

They offer a wide set of filters like age, sex, location, interests and some others - for you to attract as much clients as possible. The platform can be said as the most genteel as the ads will not destroy your website layout.

5 Native Ads

The company places itself as premium level one and it is said that due to low payments of PPC it will be ok global traffic, but not for small businesses.

6 AdNow

A company that is new at the advertising market with milder requirements and ready to cooperate with those who failed to work with tyconc like Outbrain or Taboola. Bloggers or middle-level businesses will like it.

7 Revcontent

It is a platform that can compete by the number of users with Amazon. The model of 20% revenue is said to make the company extremely successful and interesting to publishers and advertisers as well.

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