Video Ad network is the best way to earn more money

The advertisers who want to post their ads on different websites effectively certainly need help of special online ad networks. The latter ones try to match the demand from advertisers side with the publishers’ space.

The power of video ads cannot be ignored, over 8$ billion was earned by video ads in far 2016, and the amount now is several times bigger. It should be also taken into account that the time resource offered to the advertiser is strictly limited and, thus, the rate of CPM advertising is almost a sky-scrape, especially for American audience.

What you should know when you choose a video ad network?

Targeting option. The more options are offered, the better. It will help you to achieve your aims at different times and circumstances.

Check if you can reach your audience from various devices. Times when Internet was available from your PC have gone away long ago, so do your best and try to send your message to everyone.

Find out which ad networks your competitors use. If a particular fits them, it will also be a good choice for you.

Don’t hesitate to use various formats, it may be a preview for 10-15 seconds or something different. Experiment on and you will catch your clients.

Nothing makes sense without analytics. All your efforts and results should be estimated to check your results, a good ad networks should offer the tools for it.

So, what network should be chosen for video advertising? You don’t have to ask your competitors or friends - we have already googled that for you.

Top 10 video advertising networks.

Google AdSense for YouTube. Evidently, this networks helps to make money from videos on YouTube. The key requirements are to make unique videos and no have no affairs with your account and not use bots, special programs and similar staff for earning.

BrightRoll was bought by Yahoo in 2015. The service is famous for the options that make it possible to compete with Google and TubeMogul: Performance, Audience Composition, Social and Brand lifts, Custom Research.

YuMe inserts the ads with the help of specially created code, the salt of the technology that the advertiser chooses the place of the ad in the video. The latter one also makes choice for the video type and implement geotargeting. The tool is very convenient as gives the whole statics to the advertiser.

Epicstars works with different social networks, however it becomes more popular for Instagram. All your posts can be set to a certain date of publishing. The only point, the commision for the service use is near 20% + VAT.

Propellerads presents itself as the simplest platform in handling: they offer user-friendly interface, targeting, scheduling and independent way of your ads optimization.

Videology are now involved not only in video, but also in TV advertising. Their motto is to turn into stable and vivid results for their clients. They offer one platform to cover needs of both types of advertising, where one can plan, measure and estimate the efforts and outcomes.

Undertone has a feature in comparison with the competitors: they develop their own software for successful managing the ads. The company is quite ambitious as promise to bring back money if the target wasn’t achieved.

Adcolony is a top world company with over 1,4 milliard of users. They have their own SDK and monetizing is available via DSP.

Vexigo is specially adored by ad publishers for its simple and user-friendly platform. They work the same effectively with online and mobile platforms.

Sekindo has one of the highest ratings among other companies. To be honest, it is the first rival to AdSense. Extremely detailed report system and the lowest mark of pays off are offered among other advantages.

Some words about video ads in the apps

We can’t skip such important source of mobile advertising, as the expenses in the USA have become two times more for last years passed.

Your ad is no longer a problem until the users are ready to accept it. So, seize the moment and earn money. All in-app ads platforms differ from each other and your results may be different with each particular one.

You don’t need to choose the way of trial and error as we have prepared a list of noteworthy companies for you.

Applovin. No research can walk past this resource. It is doubtfully surprising, as the platform is included into top-200 in the area and takes the next place after Facebook and Google. The service supports all existing formats. The promise to launch your campaign just in 2-3 minutes since registration.

Vdopia offers a lot of options with video: muting, pausing or even closing. They have resolved an issue of converting the videos thus they exactly fit to mobile device. It can be said, the company represents the mildest way of advertising, but it is proven to be the best variant for unstable audience.

HaxHax was designed for ads having big traffic and the advertiser should know the behaviour of his audience well: when they just watch or click the ad.

Vungle can be said as a place where a publisher and an advertiser work in maximum close touch. This networks is the best option for those who wants to show in-app video ads on different mobile platforms.

Instead of conclusion

We don’t claim to name the best platforms ever, there are thousands of them. Some of the are very flexible while others may cover only specific needs and areas. But we hope that you could learn something good from it to promote your business.

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