Mediacitrus Cookies policy

Mediapulsertb Cookies policy is regulated as stated hereby. We give some basic explanations on what cookies are, what they are applied for and which categories of cookies we employ.

Cookies are short files which deliver special portions of information telling the site about the way you actually view and interact with it. This makes it possible to improve its functionality and adjust it personally for you. They don’t identify the person who uses the site but rather their device.

We categorize the cookies used according to the classification instituted by the International Chamber of Commerce. Thus, they fall into four basic categories mentioned below.

Category 1: Strictly Necessary Cookies
This category embraces the cookies which secure the correct performance of the site. They are necessary to identify your device for safety reasons when you request access to private areas. Without them, the site won’t work correctly and certain services won’t be available.

Category 2: Performance Cookies
Such cookies give an idea how customers visit the site. This helps to understand what pages they check most frequently and to perform the statistical analysis as well as to fix the site performance errors if there are any. They don’t identify users in person but rather refer to their devices.

Category 3. Functionality cookies
They recognize your likes and thus provide a more personalized approach in offering services and materials.

We don’t impose cookies to users but we strongly advise some of them to secure the proper site performance and services. Thus, the three categories mentioned above are important for the proper site functionality.

Category 4: Targeting (Advertising) Cookies
They show if users follow advertisements and what type of goods or services are more interesting to them. If you are not interested in this kind of information you may turn such cookies off without affecting the site functionality and effectiveness.

You are able to manage the cookies directed and downloaded to your PC or other device and dispose and clean them from your browser regularly. Educate yourself about how to master the situation in the relating browser instructions or on the internet.

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