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Studying information from almost 10 billion everyday mobile advertisements` impressions performed through the Mediacitrus platform, the Worldwide Tendencies in Mobile Advertising reveal identifies seven crucial ideas in the field of mobile advertising. Among them is the insight that nowadays the mobile advertising space is more valuable than ever before. It is explained by the worldwide effective CPMs growth by approximately 50% compared to the same quarter of the year gone.

Among the other important worldwide trends in mobile technology presented in this report are:

In-app is now dominating the mobile ad - with an outstanding 91% coverage of worldwide spendings on mobile device advertising via Mediacitrus platform and more than 2.5 times higher performance compared to the mobile network in the first quarter of 2017.

As for the countries that celebrate the Lunar or so-called Chinese New Year, the spendings in holiday time were 18% higher compared to neighboring countries that do not celebrate this kind of holyday.

As for the "Music" category, it was determined that it gains the largest share of advertising expenses, while the "Weather" application category earns the highest effective CPM.

The maximum rate of mobile device usage is traditionally showing the 'prime time' periods, nevertheless, there were noticed some peaks in advertising spendings and impressions that differ in accordance with different areas.

Regional weather conditions have an interesting effect on the number of daily ad impressions in weather applications.

Important sports events in the US can constantly raise the cost of mobile advertisements!

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