MEDIACITRUS Solutions for the Market Quality

Protecting Mobile Advertisements

The advertisers, as well as the publishers, can conduct their activity within a secure place - a transparent, protected area - for conducting mobile advertising campaigns on a scale. Software exchange developed by Mediacitrus is aimed at protecting investments in mobile advertising from all kinds of possible threats, which may include such undesirable fraud as bots, fraudulent clicks, malware and many others.

Mediacitrus guarantees advertisers full access to the targeted audience and traffic of premium quality ready to use in advertising campaigns. Moreover, Mediacitrus needs to be sure that publishers are not affected by unwanted advertisements that may possibly harm their audiences. Our worldwide exchange monthly processes 300 or more billions of advertisements and the number of unique mobile users exceeds 1 billion. This is a great area to be protected! Mediacitrus protects mobile investments of our partners by means of making our property secure and as transparent as possible.

Fraud Free
Eliminating illegitimate traffic across the exchange
Verifying that your ads are effectively displayed
Brand Safe
Ensuring your ads appear with appropriate content
Improving your understanding of the traffic you buy

Premium Publishers

The advertisers we cooperate with are always sure that Mediacitrus supplies them with secure flourishing marketplaces. The key feature of Mediacitrus marketplaces is top-level advertising traffic supplied by VIP publishers – a more efficient approach to connect to the targeted audience for mobile advertising simply does not exist. Mediacitrus maintains strict regulations for the publishers specifically developed to supply an exclusively transparent market with VIP publishers and exclusively top-class inventory.

Holistic Approach of Mediacitrus

The quick ways to deliver a guaranteed market totally free of fraud does not exist. Only thanks to more than ten years of experience in the field of advertising and a powerful combination of advertising technologies and experience in the field of market quality Mediacitrus is able to protect your investments in advertisements. Mediacitrus began to apply a multi-level approach based on smart people, proven technologies and data processing.

The Mediacitrus marketplace is under the full control of professionals. The team of our experts makes every effort to ensure the legitimacy of traffic and compliance of content to the strict rules developed as a result of many years of practice. Mediatsitrus constantly analyzes fraud models, using the latest software to detect most bots and malicious programs.

Proven Technology
We leverage data analysis tools and risk detection software to resolve traffic quality issues.
Smart People
A team of MEDIACITRUS experts ensures that only genuine traffic and ads reach our exchange.
Quality Marketplace
Our blend of automated and human checks deliver a fraud free mobile ad marketplace.

Be sure in Mobile

A key component of any market is trust, but the sphere of mobile advertising has for a long time suffered from the widespread fraud in this sector of the economy. The goal of Mediacitrus is to increase the confidence in mobile ads – our team does everything to make a secure mobile market for premium applications that are trusted by practicing marketers and owners of world famous tradenames. The unique position that Mediacitrus takes thanks to the trust and transparent conditions of cooperation we have created with 90,000 publishers and application developers allows our company to constantly improve its regulations and selection criteria, continuing to find and exclude those partners who are not reliable enough.

Sell and Purchase Confidently

We do not put our partners at risk by trying to protect them from fraudulent advertisements and traffic of poor quality - find out more about how Mediacitrus eliminates those criminals in quality of advertising and traffic. You are welcome to contact us in case you have questions about the Mediacitrus market quality initiative.

Are you prepared the for application or mobile website monetization?

MEDIACITRUS has already become a reliable partner for over 90,000 application developers and publishers

App Developers / Mobile Publishers
Ad Networks & DSPs
Billion Mobile Users per Month
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