MEDIACITRUS PRIVACY POLICY is an Internet resource, which provides the advertising services for the clients. We inform you that we apply our own technologies to provide you with the services.

Mediacitrus offers the customers access to all the facilities of, which allow displaying various ads to their users. We warn you that our resource has a right to get your personal data, while you use our services (only anonymous).

Mediacitrus gives you a permission to keep the entire Users’ data safe & protected. We work to protect the privacy of our customers providing the detailed Privacy Policy, which contains the information concerning all the types of the data we collect, their protection, and purposes of application. The Opt-out details are also given below.


Mediacitrus is a resource, which is ruled by the policy described below.


1) Mediacitrus give the customers full information, which is connected with the application of the personal data, the principles of the processing and usage of that information as well as the kinds and amount of the data collected.


We promise to never use any private information of the client unless he/she provides us with it personally (for instance, when contacting the firm).


2) The information of the Customers.


As a user of our services, you agree with the collection of your data concerning:

  • IP of your computer (or the other device)
  • Internet provider
  • Browser (kind and language preferred)
  • OS version
  • Advertising clicks
  • Web pages visited, etc
  • All the information, which our resource collects, is only statistical and never used in a harmful way.


3) The information about Cookies                                      


Being tiny files, Cookies are taken from and transported to the hard drive of the customers’ PCs by means of the browser applied by them. The files under consideration help us identify your browser version and remember definite data. It allows us giving you better and more personalized services, the cookies are transported to the hard drive of your PC only in the case you completely agree.


As the users of our resource can apply their own database with the private data for the purpose of advertising, it can be used only by a certain user for targeting his/her campaign.


4) The reasons for the Users’ information application by Mediacitrus



We inform the clients that we collect the data for the following reasons:


  • To give the clients the appropriate services
  • To show you the useful targeted ads
  • To fulfill the statistical research
  • To make our services better.


5) The issue of Confidentiality



The Mediacitrus resource gives a promise not to share any of the clients’ data with the third party. This rule does not concern the parties, which work on behalf of Mediacitrus and use the information only for the services provision.


There are cases when the users’ information is required for the legislation purposes. In such cases, Mediacitrus has a right to give the data to the 3rd party (but only anonymous).

We assure the customers that we never keep any data from your credit cards. Applying only certified payment systems, we guarantee the security of your payments. We keep to the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council’s rules and use the TLS 1.2 with algorithm AES.


6) Opt-Out details

Any of our visitors have a full right to prevent Mediacitrus from the collection of the customers’ data. For this purpose, we provide you with the Opt-Out function.

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