Superfine Dynamic Demand, MEDIACITRUS's personal marketplace in complex the with Native advertising unit

Optimized Profitability
Increases eCPM
Uncountable Impressions
Get united with 450+ Demand Partners
Simple Integration
Quick, chargeless and simple

MPX is an unlimited scale-hosted advertising publisher server of an enterprise level with, intended for one aim:

To give publishers an absolute control over the monetization of property they own. This is a unique integrated solution for mobile monetization that combines mobile, software and native tools based on one platform.

Featuring right now:

  • Personal Marketplace: Manage exchange settings concluding exclusive transactions with the partners that you choose to increase profit with VIP distribution possibility.
  • SDK Mediation: Intermediate the major SDK-supported advertising networks that you already work within in own MPX stack to increase income by means of increasing competition.
  • Reporting API: Receive perfect reports made according to your requirements


Get integrated with the RTB Advertising Exchange from MEDIACITRUS in order to get access to 450+ demand partners from different states


Allow MPX to optimize existing sources of demand in automatic mode by means of Dynamic Demand


Monetize your application in order to optimize your profit with more effective eCPM performance

MEDIACITRUS supports all types of common advertising units together with interactive, VAST Video, banners or Native Advertising.

Ad Formats

SMX: The MEDIACITRUS Real-Time Bidding Advertising Exchange

Start selling Premium Property by means of RTB

MEDIACITRUS unites all kinds of sources of demand and supply

Worldwide Supply and Demand Coverage in Mobile by means of using one platform.

  • Worldwide Accessibility to Quality Advertising Inventor.y
  • Better eCPMs & High Transparency.
  • Outstanding Advertisement Relevance and Quality.
  • Obtain optimal advertisement cost within 200 ms.

Are you prepared the for application or mobile website monetization?

MEDIACITRUS has already become a reliable partner for over 90,000 application developers and publishers

App Developers / Mobile Publishers
Ad Networks & DSPs
Billion Mobile Users per Month
Billion Impressions per Month


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