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Mediacitrus is one of the most developed mobile RTB advertising exchanges. Our company occupies a leading position in the field of mobile advertising. The foundation on which the RTB system is built is the use of an auction system, with publishers and advertisers participating. Companies that have a desire to advertise, make their bets in real time. The implementation of this project became possible due to the use of a huge data combined with the most recent technologies and algorithms. This benefits both publishers and advertisers, as the cost of traffic is increased due to the increased transparency of transaction conditions. RTB Exchange of Mediacitrus gives all participants access to advertising resources located around the world, because it is associated with 190 professional networks and more than 260 mobile DSPs.

The MEDIACITRUS Publisher Platform (MPX) Delivers Higher eCPMs

The maximum possible cost per thousand impressions is provided by the use of Dynamic Demand technology. Its essence lies in the fact that the sources of advertising compete for each display of the advertisement in real time. The average profit level of publishers has increased by 50-150%. With MPX, they can get even higher profits by activating additional targeting criteria.

Are you prepared the for application or mobile website monetization?

MEDIACITRUS has already become a reliable partner for over 90,000 application developers and publishers

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