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Mediacitrus is an Internet resource, where you can interact with your clients using Mediacitrus.com. If you visit the mentioned resource, you give an accord with the Terms & Conditions we present below. It also concerns the trial application of our resource and the facilities offered. As soon as you start using our services, you automatically admit to the provisos. If you don’t accept them, please, leave the resource.

The provisos we present concern the application of Mediacitrus.com by both advertisers & webmasters. We are free to make any changes to the conditions described at any time. We give the promise to inform you about the changes by posting corresponding information on Mediacitrus.com. No prior notifications are provided in such cases. It’s only the customers’ concern to check the website for any changes to the Terms of Use. If the clients keep using our facilities, it means they accept all the changes made.


1) The creation & usage of the profile



Everyone, who registers on Mediacitrus.com, should be at least 18 years old. The other age is allowed if your country has the corresponding jurisdiction, which gives you a right to apply our services. Use the resource only if you admit to and accept the terms.


The user carries full responsibility for the application of his/her account. He/she promises to keep to the rules and the other provisos presented on Mediacitrus.com.

When you create a new profile, you should give us your real email address and create a password. No 3rd party addresses are acceptable. The subscribers are accountable for the trustworthiness of the information they give. Preserve the secrecy of all the information (including the password and the other data), which your profile might contain. Failing to keep the information confidential denotes the breach of the provisions described. In this situation, Mediacitrus has a right to cancel your account.

If any unlawful usage of the profile occurs, the User is responsible for the notification of Mediacitrus. It concerns any security problems or theft of the profile/private data. The customers are always accountable for any activity on their profiles.

Mediacitrus has a right to temporarily block the access of the user to his/her account or terminate it whenever they want. There might be many causes of such decision:

  • stipulations of application infringement
  • inability to verify the data obtained from the visitors
  • unlawful actions of the users (such as fraud, abuse, and any damage to Mediacitrus or the other parties), etc.


During a month after the registration, the subscribers will see the interactive reports (part of the reporting system of Mediacitrus.com). The resource applies the common methods of the traffic guide & measure. All the relations between the resource and the subscribers are ruled by the UK laws.



3) The limited access to Mediacitrus:


  • Mediacitrus.com gives the users a right to use the site for the advertisement purposes. The license is non-exclusive & non-transferrable. You cannot use the facilities for any other types of commercial activities.
  • The allowance to use the resource is active until the profile is terminated. The termination happens if the users don’t keep to the regulations described. There won’t be any notification for such termination from Mediacitrus.


4) Mediacitrus is the legal owner of this site. It has several additional rights besides those presented above. Consider the rules and restrictions before the application of our services.


All the visitors of the resource admit to the following:

  • Mediacitrus is not responsible for the errors, which the statistical report contains. The information is updated every day and is completely trustworthy.
  • the users have to inform Mediacitrus if they want to close their account for a certain period of time
  • the payment, payoffs, and the other rules are acceptable to you.

Concerning the profile and Mediacitrus site application, the customers agree:

  • Avoiding breaking the provisos of the Privacy Policy or other rules presented on Mediacitrus.com.
  • Avoiding violating the laws/regulations used on the resource (they concern the advert services, financial options, the protection of the users, discrimination/racism/nationalism prohibition, etc.).
  • Never offering/distributing the facilities/goods/schemes, which are counterfeit. It is also forbidden for the users of the site to be engaged in any other money-schemes.
  • Never infringing upon the patents/copyrights/rights for trademarks or any commercial secrets/intellectual property of any people.
  • Avoiding the disclosure of the obligations and infringement of confidentiality, which you have with the other visitors of the site.
  • Removing the advertising information, any pornographic/threatening materials or the false/misleading data.
  • Avoiding abusing people on the basis of their religion/sexual orientation/gender/race/disability, etc.


5) For the subscribers of Mediacitrus.com, it isn’t allowed:


  • Collecting the information about the users of the site or their accounts, apply the data about them for the marketing purposes (except for the cases when you have permission from certain users for such actions).
  • Offering any kind of sexual services, such as pornographic materials or other services requiring age limits.
  • Applying any illegal methods, such as artificially inflated clicks, teasers inside of the pop-up windows, etc.
  • Registering a new profile when the previous one was terminated because of the infringement of any rules/regulations applied on Mediacitrus.com.
  • Using any methods of identifiers manipulation in order to find out the origin of materials/content transmitted via Mediacitrus.com.
  • Adapting/modifying/translating or using other methods of derivation of the source code from Mediacitrus.com, its technologies or software, creating a substitute/similar product/site/service by means of the application of Mediacitrus.com or its facilities.
  • Using Trojans/viruses or any other programs, which are able to harm the resource, interfere with our systems/information; damage the normal functioning of Mediacitrus.com.


6) Advert content


Every subscriber being an advertiser is fully answerable for the content of his/her ads, which are on display. Mediacitrus never checks the content and carries no responsibility for the precision and quality. There are no cases when Mediacitrus carries responsibility for the errors, damages or other problems connected with the application of the customers’ content. Every visitor of the resource should understand & accept the risks while using the advert materials.


7) Links to the 3rd Party webpages Mediacitrus.com might show any links, which lead to the other sites (owned and operated by the 3rd parties). Our resource has nothing to do with the content of those web pages and the consequences of the visit. Only the users carry the blame following any risks.



8) Copyright issue The content presented on Mediacitrus.com is protected by the laws of copyright, intellectual property, and trademark. The protection affects the following content:


  • graphics
  • design
  • texts
  • compilation, etc.


It’s strongly forbidden to:


  • copy
  • frame
  • publish
  • reproduce the described materials.

9) The issue of Losses

In the cases when any disputes/damages/claims/expenses happen because of the customer, he/she has to compensate Mediacitrus for the losses. It concerns the situations when the clients misuse the resource, break the stated rules or operate the program in a wrong way.


10) Payment Issue


The first and second name of the subscriber help identify him/her. Such identification is required during the payments including withdrawals via credit or debit cards. If the information doesn’t match the real data of the bank card, the users won’t be able to make a transaction. In such cases, the operation will be simply denied.

The payments on Mediacitrus.com are carried out every week by means of the wire transfer to either a bank account or card. If Mediacitrus makes a decision to change the payment rules, it is free to do so.

The smallest amount of money for the transaction totals 20 USD. If the sum is less, the resource automatically adds it to the next payment. The transactions are allowed in EUR/USD. The resource isn’t answerable for the time the transaction fulfillment takes and for the functioning of the banking system in general. The receiver of the payment should give accurate details of the operation. If the information is wrong or changed, the receiver has 3 days before the due date for the email notification. If it’s necessary, the receiver of the payment carries the expenses for the fees/commissions. Mediacitrus is free to refuse to process the transaction on any of the accounts for any reason. The latest include the suspicion of the Terms breach. Mediacitrus never bears the responsibility for the taxes, which might be set to the payments. It’s only the users’ concern to pay for all the taxes demanded in the state of the customer’s residence. There are cases when Mediacitrus has a right to hold the payment until the client sends the necessary documentation on the taxes.

It’s the obligation of Mediacitrus to make a precise & reasonable calculation of the statistics and payments of the clients. It includes the clicks (only the unique ones), the activity of the customers, and their profit. The calculations are generated via Mediacitrus.com.

11) Compensation opportunity

The compensation option is possible only in the case of a written request, which contains the detailed causes of the operation. The subscribers should send their requests to our email. The requests can be accepted in the following cases:

  • t’s impossible to start the advertising campaign because of the noncompliance of the advertising materials with the legislation requirements or because the quality of the content is unacceptable. There might be the other causes accepted by the Mediacitrus authorities.
  • It’s necessary to suspend the campaign. In such situation, it is required to make a request for the lock of all the advertising materials. Then send a request to suspend the campaign and get the repayment to our email.

The operation is able to return the amount of money left. Remember that the request is accepted as a legitimate only if you send it from the email written during the registration.

Mediacitrus never accepts the requests from the users who break the Terms under discussion, Privacy Policy or any other rules/provisions displayed on the site.


12) Disclaimer


Mediacitrus.com is never answerable for the uninterrupted work of the site. The maintenance works might happen at any time without a prior notification. Mediacitrus is not responsible for the actions of the webmasters. We are also free to terminate their accounts for any reason without the notifications. If the webmasters are suspected of the rules/provisos infringement, their payments might be also held by Mediacitrus. If the rights of the other parties are violated by the content or advert materials, the webmasters can be blocked. The same might happen in the situation when the payment is delayed without a notification.

The only source of information, which is accepted as a reliable, is the statistics on the advertising activity made by Mediacitrus.


13) Force majeure situations


The parties should never carry the blame because of the delay/failure connected with the fulfillment of their obligations described in the Terms of Use in the cases of various force majeure situations, which include fires, wars, strikes, hurricanes or any other situations, which are not controlled by the parties.

As an owner of this Internet site, Mediacitrus is free to change the terms presented above at any time. No prior notification is obligatory in this case. The changes will be posted on Mediacitrus.com and immediately come to operation.

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