Quality of MEDIACITRUS traffic

Providing access to high-quality traffic for advertisers is one of the key goals of Mediacitrus. Our company has achieved significant success in realizing this direction thanks to the development and application of wide network, which currently includes more than 90,000 reliable application developers and trusted publishers.

The level of fraud in the mobile advertising market is so impressive that vigilance is needed even with respect to premium offers. Therefore, Mediacitrus created a special team of specialists whose task is to control global traffic. These employees of our company carry out round-the-clock monitoring of the entire network for 7 days a week. To this end, Mediacitrus specialists apply a whole complex of effective tools, which gives us the basis to guarantee the real display of the results of the advertising campaigns of each of the partners of Mediacitrus. The result of this activity is maximum transparency, security and fairness of traffic on the Mediacitrus exchange.

Fraud Free
Mediacitrus Exchange allows our partners to exclude unwanted traffic. Millions of displays of fraudulent advertising are stopped thanks to an exclusive mechanism for their detection, developed by Mediacitrus professionals. Our company uses rather complex models that make it possible to prevent unacceptable traffic on mobile devices, making your advertising campaigns as effective as possible.
Mediaсitrus guarantees full control over the display of advertisements. Our specialists make sure that the visualization of advertising on mobile devices is as effective as possible. The MRC’s visibility standard that our team observes is 50% of pixels for two seconds for video and for one second for display.
Brand Safe
Mediacitrus provides reliable guarantees that the content of our customers' advertisements is displayed correctly. Our team is guarding mobile investments and is doing everything possible to comply with the rules for the safety of the advertiser.
One of the important tasks for Mediacitrus is to provide our customers with the maximum information about the traffic they are buying. Our partners have the opportunity to directly manage their campaigns on the basis of dynamic information that is displayed in real time.

Quality Inventory Matters

In the Mediacitrus marketplace, when entering into negotiations with traffic providers, advertisers can be sure of the result they will receive from the advertising campaign. The rules developed by Mediacitrus provide an opportunity to guarantee the transparency of the market, which only the premium inventory and reliable publishers have access to, which in turn is the guarantee of providing the target audience.

MEDIACITRUS has blocked 14% of publishers since the beginning of 2015. And this indicator is constantly increasing.
For new publishers, the rules are even more severe: access to the Mediaсitrus platform can only get three out of four.

Tackling Ad Fraud

Participants in the mobile advertising market consider the issue of fraud to be uncomfortable and avoid discussing it. This is primarily due to the reluctance to acknowledge the fact that the success of an advertising company can be reduced to zero by the intervention of bots, fraudulent traffic or inadmissible advertisements. But silence does not reduce the level of fraud in mobile advertising. According to WhiteOps and ANA in 2016 the losses incurred by fraudsters amounted to over $ 7 billion.

At the same time, a number of important steps have been taken recently that have brought all market participants closer to the beginning of a productive discussion about what means should be used to repel fraudulent attacks. The Mediacitrus combines the experience of its employees with advanced traffic control technologies, thus ensuring a high level of protection from click fraud, from bots intrusion and many other threats existing in the mobile advertising sphere.

Complex Campaign Protection

Protecting the advertising campaigns of our customers is the main task of the global Traffic Quality Team of Mediacitrus. Invalid clicks, redirects, bots and many other types of fraud are identified by specialists of our company and are subject to immediate blocking. Our partners can be secure in the quality of their advertisements, since suspicious activity on the Mediacitrus exchange is immediately identified and stopped by professionals.

Completing the Safe Marketplace Circle

Mediacitrus uses only proven methods. Our company does not rely on chances. Therefore, Mediacitrus partners are always confident in the proper level of protection against unacceptable traffic and fraudulent advertisements. You can learn more about our methods on Ad Quality resources page. Please, fill free to contact to get the information you need about the quality of the Mediacitrus marketplace.

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