Video Ad network is the best way to earn more money

How does RTB advertising in video format work?

Instream Video

This kind of video advertisement on the Mediacitrus publisher platform (MPX) provides with full the set of necessary functionality that can increase profitability with increased number of click-through rating and more effective eCPM performance. The majority of world's leading publishing companies use Instream video provided by Mediacitrus to multiply monetizable resources of content. The kind of Instream video used by Mediacitrus is VAST ("Video Ads Service Template") and may be used in most of the applied formats to give users an unobstructed and accessible view of the advertisement.

Higher eCPMs
Improved CTRs


These are the ads that you see before a video you requested begins.


Similar to commercial breaks, these ads are played during the requested video content.


The least intrusive of Instream ad types, this ad plays at the end of the video content requested.

Outstream Video

The use of Outstream video advertising content in VIP spaces ensures the visibility and attractiveness for advertisers as well as for the publishers. Outstream video advertising units performed by Mediacitrus easily integrate into the mobile content of the publisher, immediately turning it into a premium video resource.

Premium Ad

How It’s Done

Outstream means that the video ad plays within the content of a mobile web page rather than opening full screen in the device’s native video player.

Video Ad Plays

  • When more than 70% is visible
  • Muted initially for better user experience
  • With any length video

Video Pauses

  • When less than 70% is visible
  • When the user moves to a different screen

Upon Video Completion

  • Replay button appears
  • Call-to-action appears
  • The ad unit disappears with scroll

Rewarded Video content

Rewarded video content is referred to as a popular advertising format through which users are more likely to be interested in viewing video advertisements. Rewarding can be made in form of prizes such as virtual currencies or other attractive things that an advertiser can offer in connection to his application that the user would be likely to get. These kinds of non-skippable media are usually performed within 15-30 seconds and may be followed with client-side rewards. The fact that users choose these impressions of advertisements in exchange for a reward significantly increases the completion rate of the video, the tradename awareness and/or leads to the installation of applications.

Higher Completion
Ideal for
Brand Awareness

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